Our Tutors

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

    Highly Qualified Teachers

    A network of 1,000+ handpicked tutors thoroughly vetted by top-notch educational consultants to ensure only the highest quality tutors are appointed.

  • Personalized learning experiences

    Personalized learning experiences

    Our teachers are trained to manage and cope with different learning style. Their thorough coaching helps their students unlock their full potential and make difficult concepts seem easy as can be.

  • Result driven

    Result driven

    All our tutors are vetted for exceptionality and trained for excellence. The first session will be kicked off by an assessment, allowing the teacher to identify the level of students and personalize the sessions accordingly.
    The vast majority (estimated 95%) of students that learn with us see increases in their score of 40% on average after having completed 8 tutoring sessions.

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