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Improve Your English with Ostaz and Kings Training College

Improve Your English with Ostaz and Kings Training College

Have you ever watched the 1970s famous sitcom, Mind Your Language?

Well, if you have, then you know exactly where I’m going with this.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Mind Your Language is a popular British sitcom about a group of foreigners who want to learn English, and Jeremy Brown, a language teacher, teaches English to these immigrants.

The series shows people in a classroom from different countries with different cultural, social, and religious backgrounds, all with the common goal of learning English.

So, by taking the English Online Course with Ostaz, not only do you get to live out your series-plot-turns-to-real-life dreams but also gain numerous benefits!

Here are reasons why learning English is essential and why people should sign up for Ostaz’s English Online Course with King’s Training:

English Is the International Language

It is well known that English is the universal and international language since it is the most spoken language worldwide. The concept of having a universal language among all inhabitants of the world ensures an improved means of communication.

Globalization has put the English language under the spotlight and has made English prevalent. Globalization is defined to be the rapid spread of language, culture, tradition, lifestyle, science, and technology and is the process of interaction and integration across cultures worldwide. Thus, English is the language that carries and conveys information, entertainment, humor, business, and much more.

In these current and modern times, where globalization is prevalent, most information and products sold (phones, laptops, etc.) are in English. Films, TV shows, music, and well-known or renounced brands are all in English

English is so widely used and important that around 80% of the information found online is in English, especially that the internet is the most popular and effective form of communication nowadays.

Moreover, Hollywood movies obviously originated from Hollywood, USA, which is an English-speaking country, and these movies (which are in English) have the largest audience in the world! So, it’s not surprising that English has become popular and necessary in today’s modern world.

You Get a Certificate of Completion from King’s College Training

At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate of completion from King's Training.

It’s always a plus and reassuring to have certificates as a reminder of your achievements and as proof to show people to validate your learning experiences.

It’s Always Good to Learn a New Language

Learning a new language not only has cognitive and social benefits but academic and career benefits as well.

Your Travels Will Be Easier in Terms of Interacting with People All Over the World

Whether you’re living abroad in an English-speaking country or a tourist asking for directions, English is the universal language that people consider will be understood by everyone. 

Thus, knowing how to speak and communicate in English will make your travels and interactions with locals far less difficult, since English is the common language that everyone can count on to communicate with anyone around the world!

English Is the Language of Business

If you are interested in business, or in opening up your own business, or understanding and learning about business, learning English would facilitate the road ahead of you and should be your next step!

English Is the Language of Tomorrow

English is today’s and tomorrow’s language. Communication in English is considered an indispensable part of today’s world: from pop culture to business to film, the English language is a prerequisite for staying up to date in these current times.

Though nobody knows what the future holds, it’s safe to say that by projecting today’s trends and patterns, the wide use of English globally will not disappear anytime soon.

Individuals knowing how to communicate in English will tighten cultural gaps and slowly but surely remove linguistic barriers against effective communication. 

The policy of learning a foreign language in the educational system (schools and universities) is a policy of globalization. The importance of knowing and/or being proficient in English is stressed or emphasized so much that many institutions have adopted it in their curricula. Additionally, English has been integrated into the educational system of many countries, including the Arab world.

You Get to Learn English from Qualified and Experienced Teachers from Around the World

The teachers who will be giving the English Online Course with King’s Training all have over five years of experience and are certified in teaching English as a second language. They have all consistently received excellent feedback from their students over the years.

King’s Training teachers are not only enthusiastic, friendly, and fun but also have an understanding of intercultural communication. Thus, they create communicative, dynamic, and interesting classes. Ostaz’s two-month General English Summer Intensive courses, running through July and August, have been developed to be dynamic and fun whilst strongly focused on improving all areas of the language with a special emphasis on conversation, pronunciation, and listening.

It’s no shock that learning English will add value to your life. So, the 36-hour summer intensive English Online Course with Ostaz by King’s Training is perfect for whoever wants to learn English from scratch or improve their proficiency!

Sign up now on Ostaz English Online Courses Program! Limited spaces are available!


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