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Why Should Students Have a Personalized Learning Plan

February 1, 2022

Why Should Students Have a Personalized Learning Plan

Every great accomplishment starts with a plan. Planning means setting an outline for one’s objectives to reach from a point to the desired outcome. Planning is essential for any high-quality learning. Having a learning plan/lesson plan shows that both students and tutors are intentional with the learning process.

Ostaz tutors curate a personalized learning plan for students based on their level and goals.

So, what is a learning plan, and why are lesson plans so important?


What Is a Learning Plan?


A learning plan is a useful tool to plan and manage learning and development objectives. It can be set and modified weekly, monthly, or yearly. A lesson plan is a realistic sequence of objectives, requirements, resources, steps, practice problems, and assessment methods that shows a path of teaching and learning. It would include the content, learning material, headings, topics, and activities to be fulfilled for a set timeline. A personalized learning plan is developed by private tutors, based on backward design, to help students achieve their short-term and long-term learning goals. The best learning plan is one that is personalized to a student’s learning needs and academic objectives. Visit the Ostaz website to talk to an educational consultant that will recommend you a tutor who will meet your learning objectives.


The Importance of a Learning Plan for Students


Continuity of learning


One importance of lesson planning is that it makes the flow of learning more cohesive, unified, and intentional. Lesson planning helps keep learning objectives in mind while specifying the required materials, the time allocated for each subset or item of the plan, and how long each activity would take. It also links current lessons and past or future lessons. Having a lesson plan helps students identify gaps in their skills and to have a strategic, clear, and concrete plan to fill these gaps.


Customized Plan for Each Student’s Needs


The best study plan is tailored to meet the needs of the student. Every student is different; hence, there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to learning and development plans. An effective lesson plan is a strategy set by tutors for students. The best study plans are personal to students. When creating the lesson plan, tutors, parents, and students should work together to identify areas of improvement and then define the steps required.

At Ostaz, we meet the diverse learning needs of our students. Ostaz shifts from a generic, one-size-fits-all model, to more personalized learning. We help you find the tutor that matches your learning goals and needs through our consultation process leading to a learning plan.

Get 1 FREE trial lesson to figure out if a tutor is a good fit for your child and receive your study plan. An Ostaz private tutor would curate personalized lesson plans to fit a student’s learning style, objectives, and pace. Ostaz offers each student a personalized learning experience. Furthermore, a private tutor offers a learner-centered lesson plan that aims to improve a student’s weaknesses and reach their targets.


What Is the Purpose of a Learning Plan?


Have a More Meaningful Learning Experience


The overall ultimate purpose of lesson planning is to make learning more impactful for students. Learning plans provide students with specific steps to reach their goals; thus, reassuring their path to success. Without lesson planning, it’s easy to get off track and lose sight of educational targets. A lesson plan can help drive students’ efforts to the path of achieving the desired learning outcome. Organizing lessons allows students to visualize how their learning will be, they will be able to trace their progress in case they got lost along the way. Goal setting has been found to improve motivation and performance. This can make them feel more involved in their learning and development journey.


Communicate Student and Parent Expectations


Having lessons and activities that have clear and concise objectives reflect student expectations. An effective lesson plan provides a means to keep sight of educational targets by keeping a student’s objectives in mind. Having a lesson plan sets expectations and holds standards about the learning process. Students and parents also have the opportunity to evaluate the tutor’s professional performance. The student and parent communicate their learning or academic needs and objectives, and the tutor designs and submits a learning plan.

Speak to Ostaz’s educational consultants who recommend the right tutor for you from our tutors, who will then submit a study plan for you based on your needs and objectives.

After your free trial session, we will assess the student and develop a learning plan according to the learner’s academic goals and learning needs.

Get 1 FREE trial lesson to figure out if a tutor is a good fit for your child and receive your study plan.


Have Clear and Visible Goals


A learning plan is a road map students can use to guide their personal learning and development. It consists of a goal and the specific steps required to take reach this target. A lesson plan maps out a students’ learning objectives. An individual learning plan ensures that a student’s lesson aligns with their objective(s). If a learner is struggling with something, a learning plan is the best solution for them to define the goals of their learning journey for the short and long term. Learning plans motivate students to learn and achieve more in school, as they feel a sense of control over their education in terms of what they want to improve in and how they will do it.


Achieve Goals


A learning plan allows two-way communication and dialogue that helps both the student and tutor to achieve a desired common goal. A lesson plan is a concrete and practical way to realize a learner’s vision and goals and specific learning outcomes. The lesson plan should be based on key learning objectives. Furthermore, the content of a lesson plan will answer the following questions: “Whom will the tutor teach?”, “What’s the age of level the tutor will teach?”, and “What will the tutor teach?”


Gain Transparency in Academic & Learning Goals


The general purpose of a personalized learning plan is to have coherence and transparency about decisions parents make about their child’s education or students make about their education. Having a learning plan helps parents and students identify their academic and learning goals and increases transparency for parents and students. This means they can follow up with the process and can discover and see what students are taught. Individual learning plans allows parents to be engaged in the learning and planning process and to be involved in discussions about their child’s educational, academic, and even life goals; parents can also communicate to the tutor about their child’s learning needs, interests, and aspirations. In addition, students can document and track their progress.





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