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What are the Benefits of Learning Coding

What are the Benefits of Learning Coding

Programming is the process of producing codes that allows humans to communicate with machines. It is the translation from speaking language to computer language. For example, translating English to Python.
Coding is essential in today’s modern digital world and allows every electronic device you use to function.

Ziad Agha, the senior Android engineer at Ostaz, says, “in the digital age we are currently living in, knowing how to code is becoming more and more necessary. One might say coding is basic literacy. It's very important, especially for the younger generation. It helps them with communication, creativity, math, and logical thinking.”

Int main () {
while(coding == "beneficial") {
                        Cout << "Learn Coding with Ostaz";
Return 0;

The above code is the English statement “since coding is beneficial, learn coding with Ostaz” in C++.

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There is a stereotype about coders as be those people who stay in their basements all day long and spend all their time coding. Anyone can be a coder by learning how to code. Get a detailed and thorough list of the benefits of learning coding by reading below.

Learning to Code Will Increase Your Tech Literacy and Allow You to Understand Technology

No matter what job you end up getting, programming skills will provide you with a high level of tech literacy which will open you up to new opportunities in your career or organization. You will be able to understand how things develop technically and how rapid changes can be made in the world of tech. How a computer functions and how apps are created, and coding knowledge (or coding literacy) can help in other ways, too. It can help you grasp concepts faster, make you a fast learner, and be more digitally fluent.
Learning to code at a young age will give someone a huge advantage over others or their peers and can set you up for a successful future.
It’s beneficial for everyone to be exposed to programming at some point in order to get familiarized with the world around us, which is full of smart devices and software-based tech devices. This exposure isn’t just limited to computers and programming; it can also improve logical thinking and step-by-step problem-solving.

Understanding how computers work will make among children induce curiosity and appreciation to how things work. It also gives children an idea about how software engineers use math to solve problems logically and in a creative way. This is why coding should be taught in schools.

To emphasize and validate the importance of tech literacy, computer science has become part of the IGCSEs. In fact, the Ostaz IGCSE tutoring program is one of the first to offer a computer science IGCSE prep program.

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Coding Boosts Problem-Solving and Logical Reasoning Skills

Other than the fact that having coding as a skill or knowing computer languages looks good on a resume, learning how to code will hone a myriad of skills. Coding will teach you how to think logically and how to translate logical thinking into a computer language.
The ability to solve problems is a skill that is useful in life. It equips people with the ability to overcome adversity in their lives.

Coding Future-Proofs Your Career Expands Your Career Opportunities

Knowing how to code will make your career and job options and opportunities broader and versatile. A career as a software developer is not for everyone, so learning how to code coding doesn’t mean you’re bound to the ‘career in software’ life. Knowing how to code will make you qualified for various types of jobs and will increase your job opportunities and options.
Learning to code doesn’t constrain you to the life of a developer. By learning how to program, you will acquire a skill that can open many career doors. Computer Languages include front-end languages like HTML and JavaScript and back-end languages like Ruby or C++. Even if you don’t wish to or don’t have the means to freelance as a side-hustle, you can certainly incorporate what you learn into your future or current job(s) and responsibilities.
Competition in the job market is high; thus, knowing more than one language would set you apart and give you a competitive advantage over job candidates.
Coders and computer programmers are well-paid employees that are becoming increasingly sought after as the world proceeds towards a more digital future.

Knowing How to Code Can Increase a Person’s Salary

In your current workplace, have the opportunity to raise your salary as you hone and develop your coding skills through years of experience.

Computer Programmers are in-Demand

As coding is a highly demanded skill at the moment, companies, individual businesses, startups, and individual brands are always on the lookout for coders and programmers.

Programming Careers Have Great Earning Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) median annual salary information for these coding and programming-related professions:
Web developers: $73,760
Network and computer systems administrators: $83,510
Computer programmers: $89,190
Database administrators: $93,750
Software developers: $107,510
Hence, careers that involve some programming or coding tend to come with above-average salaries as demand remains strong for coding-related jobs.

Learning to Code Offers Career Flexibility

Even if your job doesn’t require you to have a deep understanding of programming languages, knowing coding will come in handy when interacting with other people who do, like software engineers or coders. So, learning how to code or coding and programming skills isn’t just reserved for highly technical specialist positions such as software engineers and developers.

Knowing How to Code Can Lead to Freelance Work

You can work as a freelancer while still working as another job. By freelancing, you would have the luxury to work remotely. Skilled freelance coders could have the luxury of creating their own schedule and charging their desired fee. Having the skill to code would allow you to work while traveling as a freelancer.

Coding Can Help You Make More money

Financial success is an important goal for many and learning how to code can ensure that.  Learning how to code is a great way to capitalize on your skills.

Learning to Code Will Make You Smarter and Think Differently

While learning to program, you would learn how to break down a problem into steps and to logically create a working code. In doing so, you would develop a certain mindset on approaching and tackling problems and processing large amounts of information and find the best solution with a given/limited amount of information. 
“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead
Coding teaches you how to think. Learning to code is more than just learning a computer language: it’s about creating a mindset towards problem-solving that will positively impact any new intellectual endeavor you embark on.

Coding Expands Your Creativity

Creativity is part of the process when coding. Computer programming allows children to be confident and creative. They will have the chance to design something themselves, which will enhance their creativity. Computer programming, albeit sounds technical, requires creativity and is a lot of fun. If children learn how to code, they will be able to develop apps, video games, websites, and more.

Coding Enhances Reasoning and Logical Rationalisation Skills

Become a logical thinker, develop your logical thinking skills, and learn to adopt a methodological approach to problems by learning how to code.
Computer coding involves using linear thinking, sequencing, and applying logic to most situations.
In order to program a computer, you need to be able to relay a structured set of instructions and break down problems methodically. Therefore, coding teaches and inspires kids to view the world differently.

There has always been a perception about coding that it is reserved for only the smartest of minds. However, that is no longer true. Learning to program has become mainstream, meaning that anyone can learn how to code- all you need is concentration, patience, and diligence.

Coding Makes You More Confident

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you achieved something or that you have the ability to execute something complex. Knowing this would give one a confidence boost and a feeling of excitement and empowerment!

Being a skilled coder can build confidence. Knowing how to do something that others can’t help you become more confident in your own abilities.

Benefits of Coding for Kids:

Coding Helps Kids to Learn How to Have Fun with Math

Generation Z is tech-savvy and is into games and gaming would be interested in learning to code for fun. An introduction to programming course would be a subject they learn in school that is fun as there are many coding games out there; so, the gamification element of coding would make it inherently fun.
Coding is the computer language of math. Learning to code will enhance and hone many skills, including organizing and analyzing data. Children can grow their math skills while coding, without even noticing. Using their logic, reasoning, and calculation skills, while creating something of their own. This is another big reason why coding should be incorporated into school curricula.
If you want to give your kid something fun yet challenging and educational to do, enrolling them in coding lessons would be perfect. Children would start coding for fun and gain beneficial skills along the way. 

Programming Teaches the Art of Persistence

Coding is complex and can be considerably challenging and frustrating, but it can also teach kids how to solve problems at a young age. By trial and error, children can learn to be persistent and not to give up on finding a solution. Just like learning a new speaking language or learning how to play a musical instrument, children train their brains by trial and error and experimenting.

Coding Teaches Storytelling Skills

Coding has a storyline plot beginning, middle, and a definitive end. This thought process is also known to help kids in other aspects of learning, like oral communication and creative writing.

For these reasons, many educators are now pushing for making at least basic coding literacy a requirement for all students. Academic professionals are strongly considering incorporating coding as part of international school curricula, on par with native languages, math, and sciences.

Coding Allows You to Bring Your Ideas to Life and Pursue Your Passion Projects

Learning to code equips one with the ability to execute implement and actualize their vision and business ideas without having things get lost in translation by an external source; thus, saving time, energy, and financial costs.

Coding Improves Interpersonal Skills and Enhances Your Social Life

Whether you will end up working for a startup or for a corporation, chances are you will work as part of a team. Learning how to interact with managers or colleagues, such as the Chief Technology Officers (CTO) of a company is an essential skill. Having at least an idea about coding will help you communicate with your colleagues at work. 
In addition, you will be able to communicate with fellow coders. You would be able to hold conversations about coding/programming whether it’s asking questions or and make coding puns and inside jokes.

Coding Allows You to Have control over Your Projects and Depend on Yourself

For those who want to start their own business, having coding skills can take you a long way. In fact, the majority of startup founders have at least some coding skills.
For the entrepreneurs reading this, sometimes you could feel like you have no choice but to (blindly) trust developers to develop your business’s products. By learning how to program and have control, you can take matters into your own hands and do it exactly the way you want to. 

Furthermore, by learning how to code, you don’t have to rely on someone else to comprehend and follow with computer and programming terms. You can depend on yourself for understanding and following coding concepts.

Coding Is Something That Anyone Can Learn

Unlike something that needs a lot of commitment, like getting a university degree, coding doesn’t require several years or cost thousands of dollars. It can even be done online, from the comfort of your own home, you can fit it in your schedule among or around your other commitments.

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Steve Jobs
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