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Things to Keep in Mind on the First Day of School 2021

Things to Keep in Mind on the First Day of School 2021

There's nothing like first-day-of-school jitters. You might not even be able to sleep the night before because you’re too excited for the prospect of new adventures and opportunities in the upcoming scholastic year.

However, things can also be hectic and overwhelming when going back to school.

So, here are some tips for the first day of school for the academic year 2021-2022!

Be Prepared

Pack Your School Bag

Make sure you have everything you need for school such as your school supplies (calculator, agenda, books, notebooks, pencil case, etc.).

Pack Your Lunch Box

Pack and bring your lunch and snacks in a lunch box. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and get a bottle of water with you. If you want to be eco-friendly or sustainable, use a reusable water bottle (it can be glass or metal or reusable plastic.)

Have a Nutritious Breakfast

Have a healthy and balanced breakfast not only on the first day of school but every day!
Having a healthy and filling breakfast will prepare you for your upcoming classes and will keep you energized. Try opting for a breakfast containing protein, carbohydrates, and fats, with veggies or fruit. 

Be Open to New Experiences

To ensure a fruitful scholastic year, open your door to new opportunities and experiences. An example of being open to new experiences would be making new friends.

Greet Every Student Warmly

Say 'hello' to everyone! Introduce yourself to newcomers, be welcoming, and meet new students! It takes a simple ‘hello’ to start a blossoming friendship.
If you’re the new kid, put yourself out there, and don’t be afraid to approach new faces and introduce yourself.

Choose a Good Seat in Class

Your seat in the class will determine how comfortable you are in class and might last for a semester or up to an entire school year.
If there is no seating chart, choose a seat from where you’ll be able to see the whiteboard or screen clearly and a place where you’ll be able to focus with the teacher during class.

Give Yourself Time

It will take you a while to get out of ‘summer mode’ and to get into the scholastic mindset or headspace.

Don’t expect to bounce back into ‘school mode’ and ‘grind mode’ on the first day of school. It’s only natural to feel a bit sluggish, but remember that you’re recharged from your summer break and are ready to attack the school year ahead. Day by day, after your tasks progressively increase, you will find yourself getting back into the swing of things.

Make a Good First Impression on Your Teachers

First impressions have a bad reputation of not being very accurate or reliable, but showing interest in a subject by actively participating in class will demonstrate to the teacher that you are eager to learn. By putting effort to participate, it shows that you want to succeed. 

Start from Day One

Use Your Time Wisely

The first day of school is a chance at a fresh start. Manage your time wisely. Optimize and use class time to start on homework. Is your teacher finished lecturing, but you still have 10 minutes of class left? Get a jump on your chemistry homework while the concept is still fresh in your mind. You can also use this time to ask your teacher about concepts that are fuzzy or aren’t fully clear in your mind.

Take Notes

Make sure you engage in active learning by starting to take notes even from the first session of a subject.

Come up with a study system and stick to it. Do you prefer to do your homework before or after dinner? Do you keep one big binder for all your classes with color-coded tabs or do you have a separate binder for each class?

Be Clear about Your Goals

Take this opportunity as a chance to create new habits that are aligned with your goal of the beginning school year.
If your goal is to be first in your class, this would require you to study daily and not let studying material pile up.

Tips for Back-to-School for Parents

In some way, parents go back to school with their children. So, for the parents reading this, consider adjusting your own schedule to ease this transition. If you can’t in the mornings, arrange the evenings so that you can consecrate as much time as your child needs, especially during the first week.

Ask yourselves what your child needs to do each day for school, like getting up, eating breakfast, dressing, etc.
What help does your child need from you to get ready?
What can they do on their own?

Discuss these with your child before school starts to establish their roles and duties and to put them in the discipline mindset.


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