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Paying for Private Tutors: Is It Worth It?

Paying for Private Tutors: Is It Worth It?

If you’re here, then you’re probably wondering, “is private tutoring worth the money?”, “Does tutoring help or benefit students? , “Is it worth paying for a tutor for homeschooling?”, or something along those lines.

Read more to find out the answer to these questions.

Are you a parent concerned about your child’s academic performance and doubting whether paying for a private tutor is worth the premium price? Are you a student looking into having a tutor? Either way, like any conclusion that has to be made, perform a cost and benefit analysis. Private tutoring’s cost is obviously its premium price, as for its benefits, what is private tutoring’s value proposition? Does your maximum willingness to pay align with the benefits of tutoring? 

 You will carry the things you learn in school and university for the rest of your life. The knowledge you get will be useful for your career and for life in general. So, it’s essential that you make sure you fully comprehend and absorb the concepts you learn so that they’re engraved in your mind. Tutoring allows for a superior quality of education that will make you confident in your knowledge and abilities.

Tutoring offers personalized teaching. A private tutor would curate specific lesson plans to fit your learning methods, pace, and abilities. A tutor gives you a thorough understanding and knowledge of the subject of your choice. Furthermore, a private tutor offers tailored modules to suit a student’s learning style in order to overcome their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. This can lead to a boost in their confidence in studying. While they might have resented studying a certain subject because they didn’t understand it or thought they were ‘bad’ at it, overcoming their weaknesses will encourage students to study more.

If you’re thinking about getting a private tutor, it means there’s a goal you would like to achieve (like getting an ‘A’ on an exam) or an obstacle you’d like to overcome. Depending on what your goals are, from not getting held back a year to getting an ‘A’ on a subject, a private tutor can help you achieve significant improvements in your class grades.

The supplemental learning sessions can help students stay on track and even move forward to higher levels of education and to progress among their classmates.

Private tutoring will provide a relaxed environment for students to freely ask questions, voice their concerns, and feel unashamed in admitting and working on their areas of improvement.

Back in the day, parents thought that school was enough and that private tutoring was useless or redundant.

In today’s modern world, people understand that the best investment is education. A degree alone is not sufficient anymore to acquire a competitive edge. Hence, the demand for tutoring is quite high. Students want a competitive advantage compared to their peers and parents want to provide their children the opportunity to succeed in the future and for them to do whatever it takes to excel academically and to improve their grades at school or university.

There is a big and known obvious apparent difference between school and private tutoring. In private tutoring, children can get full attention from the tutor, allowing them to comprehend concepts better and faster.

In addition, a tutor can help you figure out what is wrong in your thought process and rewire it into the correct way of going about solving a problem or understanding a concept.

If students feel like they can’t keep up with the professor’s and class’s pace, then hiring a tutor would be the correct move. With private tutoring, students will feel like the wheel that was once stuck is now spinning and will view a particular subject from a different perspective and under a new light. With a private tutor, they’ll be able to uncover their weaknesses and work on figuring out the issue or root of the problem and fixing or solving it.

Private tutoring is always a good idea, especially for learning a new language. Free language apps are always available, but it’s so much more preferable to learn a new language by interacting with a person who’s a native speaker. You can always choose to attend a class to learn the regular curriculum and follow a textbook and worksheets; however, a tutor will be able to provide you with personalized training and extra practice and test prep for language exams and certifications.

In a classroom, you can’t find that ‘special treatment’ that a tutor can give you.

All these being said, when planning on hiring a private tutor, have a clear idea of your goals. This includes considering what grades you want to get, what your budget is, and if the tutoring sessions fit your schedule. Choosing your tutor will depend on what you are looking for and need. If you want to prepare your kid for IB exams, standardized tests, school subjects, or university-level courses.

It’s also imperative to check whether the tutor holds the appropriate or desired qualifications or certifications, the proper level of education, and to inquire about how many years of experience they have, and whether they’re experienced in teaching the subject you need help with (SAT, math, physics, English, etc.), etc.

Make sure that the teachings of the tutor align with the expectations of your teacher.

In a nutshell, private tutoring opens up one’s eyes to things they didn’t know they needed.

So, is hiring a private tutor worth it?

To answer the above questions, considering all the benefits, yes, hiring a tutor is worth it. The superior quality of education from one-on-one learning makes it worth the investment.

To book a session with a private tutor for any school or university subject, go to Ostaz or download the Ostaz app and choose the right tutor for you!


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