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5 Tips to Get Ready for Back-to-School

5 Tips to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Back-to-school season is here, and students all around the world find themselves having bittersweet feelings.
Students get bummed that summer is ending, but they're thrilled to see their friends at school or make new friends and are excited about the prospect of new possibilities and adventures. It's a chance at a fresh start, clean slate, or new beginning.

Nevertheless, going back to school post-Covid might be challenging; so, here are five back-to-school 2021 tips to help you be prepared for the upcoming scholastic year ahead!

1. Go Back-to-School Shopping

Going back-to-school shopping is probably one of the most exciting things about going back to school.


If your school requires you to wear a uniform, there are ways to express yourself and your style through your backpack, shoes, etc.
Be as bold as you want to be. You don’t have to opt for a basic backpack that everyone else has. This is an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from your peers and classmates; so, have a personalized backpack with your name spray-painted, choose your own charms, or a stylish backpack from a bag and accessory store.
Choose to buy a reliant backpack with padded shoulder straps that will be able to hold your heavy books for those days where you have to take a lot of books with you to and from home. This will ensure that the straps won’t suddenly break or dismantle.

Planner/ Agenda

It's advisable to buy an agenda/planner in which you'll be able to plan, organize, and schedule your daily tasks.


Buy a new stationery collection, from notebooks and binders to highlighters, colorful pens, and markers. Having cute stationery and school supplies will make you more excited to start the new school year.

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2. Set a Back-to-School Routine for the New Academic Year

The first day of school in a new grade offers an opportunity to learn new things and to progress academically.

Fix Your Sleep Schedule Before the First Day of School

The National Sleep Foundation recommends starting two weeks before the first day of school to set sleeping habits. The first week back to school can cause disruption from being on vacation mode, so, don’t forget healthy sleeping habits (around 9-11 hours for children 5 to 13 and 8-10 hours for those aged 14 to 17).
For parents, remind your children to gradually set their alarm clocks earlier while they’re still on summer break, instead of having to abruptly wake them up on the first day of school. to ease the transition between their sleeping time.
This will allow students to gradually adjust their sleeping schedules.

Create an Evening To-Do List

The best way to make the morning of your first day of school stress-free is to set a morning routine and take care of any time-consuming activities the night before. This could be in the form of writing down or keeping a mental to-do list that includes tasks such as:

• Preparing lunch
• Packing the backpack
• Laying out an outfit or your school uniform
• Meal (breakfast and lunch) prepping
• Setting the alarm clock

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3. Download and Use the Ostaz App to Find the Right Tutor for You

To be ahead of the crowd and kick off the new scholastic year on the right foot,Ostaz by Inspired has it all. For any of your academic needs, for any subject, book a tutor on the Ostaz app and overcome your academic obstacles! Download the Ostaz app or visit to find the right tutor for you!
As for parents, if you have any concerns for your child, including their needs, make sure to address them over the summer and before the first day of school. The best time to get help might be at least one to two weeks before school reopens.

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4. Plan Your Meals and Snacks

Think of healthy and yummy snack and meal ideas and go grocery shopping for them before school starts. In that way, you'll be set on snacks for school to keep you energized and focused throughout the day.
It's advisable to opt for healthier snacks like almonds, dates, granola, fruit, carrots, sandwiches, etc.
Plan and pack your lunch and snacks the night prior so that you're not in haste/ rushing during school mornings.

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5. Set Intentions and a Study Routine

The new school year is a chance for you to recreate yourself by adopting a new work ethic and study routine. So, set goals for your school year.
Do you want to be class valedictorian? Do you want to get higher grades in geography this year? Do you want to overcome your troubles in biology? Whatever it is, create a strategy on how you will achieve these intentions. However, wishful thinking, without planning and structure, doesn’t yield results. So, create and maintain structure about going back with a school routine.
When will you study and complete your homework every day? Find the time of day that best works for you and create a study routine.

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