• Things That Should Stay the Same Even When Things Go Back to Normal Post-Covid
    12 November 2021 |3 minute read|

    Has schooling changed forever post-Covid?

    As the world enters the second year of schooling in a pandemic and soon into a post-Covid world, which aspects of schooling should be permanently altered? At the offset of the pandemic, academic professionals had to make quick and drastic changes. It’s now their responsibility to assess which education solutions have worked well, in order to carry them into the post-pandemic or post-Covid world. Once people see the powerful positive impact these approaches and solutions have, it’s very hard to turn back.


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  • How to Read Faster
    5 November 2021

    Have you been in a situation where you have too much reading material, but not enough time and you wish you could just speed through a text?

    As a student, you’ve most likely encountered a situation where either for an assignment or exam, you’ve had many books to read or many chapters of books to read. During these circumstances, it’s advisable to “work smarter, not harder.” The speed reading tips in this blog will allow you to do just that.

    Speed reading is the process of quickly absorbing phrases or sentences on a page in a collective manner, instead of processing individual words.

    If you’re wondering how to read textbooks faster, then these speed reading tips are just for you.

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  • Reasons to Study Psychology
    5 October 2021

    It can be quite overwhelming to choose what to study at university: from what major to choose to which courses to take as your free electives.

    Psychology is a fascinating field that is not only a science but also a study of human nature, so it is considered to be a social science- the best of both worlds!

    Below are the social, cognitive, emotional, and career benefits of studying psychology.

    Keep reading to know about the life skills at the personal and professional levels that learning psychology provides you.

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  • 13 Effective Teaching Strategies

    With back-to-school dawning upon us, tutors want to provide their students with the best education possible and help them achieve their desired academic goals and results.

    To ensure effective and efficient teaching, tutors can incorporate instrumental strategies in their teaching.

    Here are 13 effective teaching strategies- in the new normal- for every tutor. 
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  • Improve Your English with Ostaz and King's Training College
    Have you ever watched the 1970s famous sitcom, Mind Your Language? Well, if you have, then you know exactly where I’m going with this.
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  • Things to Keep in Mind on the First Day of School 2021
    There's nothing like first-day-of-school jitters. You might not even be able to sleep the night before because you’re too excited for the prospect of new adventures and opportunities in the upcoming scholastic year.
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