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7 Sunday Habits for a Productive Week

7 Sunday Habits for a Productive Week

7 Sunday Habits for a Productive Week


It’s ‘Sunday Fun Day’, and you’re not sure how to spend the last day of the fleeting weekend. Don’t worry, we got you!

Needless to say, forming a productive Sunday routine will set you up for a successful week. So, here are 7 things to do on a Sunday for a productive week.


1.  Make to-DLists: Based on Your Life Goals


Make to-do listwith long-term goals in mindEverything on your to-do list should help you take a step toward attaining these goals.

To-do lists are the steps to or achieve mini-milestones to achieving a goal.

Creating your to-do list with goals in mind will show you where you should be spending time and where you Could be spending less time.


2.  Take Time to DNothing


Sundays often come with so many “shoulds.” “I should be working on my project”. While many of the habits listed are “shoulds” that will help you have the most productive week, there’s also another important ritual you need to set you up for a better week: doing nothing. Vibe to some music, or relax amidst nature, and just be.  


3.  Disconnect and Relax


This is the time for you to recharge and relax.

Do whatever makes you feel refreshed and recharged, and don’t feel guilty for resting.

It’s called Sunday fun day for a reason!

Start your week with a clear mind. Disconnect from social media. Turn off anything with a screen. Make a rule for yourself that you won’t use any devices after 7 pm.
tactic will also allow you to have a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel fresh and energized for a successful week and will be able to reach your study goals.


4.  Study or Finish Your Uncompleted Tasks


While Sundays should feel like Sundays (rather than an extension of the workweek), allocating some time (30 min or an hour) to getting some work done will help you get a jump start on the week ahead. Just think about how grateful your future self will be for your efforts.

This can be challenging if you have your friend’s birthday or family barbecueBut try your best to set aside some time to do your homework or study for your upcoming tests.


5. Get Organized


Set Digital Reminders

If you have a meeting with a teacher or an extracurricular event, set a digital reminder on your phone or laptop calendar to remind you beforehand. This way, you will keep track of all your duties.

Clean Up Your Workspace

The way your space looks largely affects how you feel. If your workspace or desk is messy and cluttered kick off the week right by preparing a clean work environment.

Set Goals & Make a Study Plan for the Week Ahead

Set yourself some realistic and attainable goals for the week ahead. For example, you can decide to practice an instrument for 30 minutes each day or finish piled-up study material. 

Fill in your planner with everything you need to do during the upcoming week. Make sure you include your study hoursextracurricular activities, as well things you do for fun in your spare time. Visualizing what your week is going to look like can organize your mind so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This can make a huge difference to your productivity.

The feeling of reaching your goals and crossing off things off your to-do list is extremely gratifying regardless of how trivial they might seem. So, every Sunday, set yourself some targets for the week ahead.


6.  Get Outside / Exercise


Try to get some physical activity in on Even if it’s a 10-minute workout, get moving in the outdoors.


7. Have ‘Me Time’


Consecrate time from your week for yourself and indulge in self-care. Do things you enjoy and that rejuvenate you physically and mentally.  



The least productive day of the week has the power and potential for you to ease into the most productive week. Pleasantly ironic, isn’t it?

Think of Sundays as an ‘investment day’ into the upcoming week. You’re investing in your energy and recharging your batteries to allow for an efficient week ahead.


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